Nvidia has removed the RTX 30 graphics card mining limit in the latest driver

Nvidia has lifted the mining limit of RTX 30 series graphics cards in the latest 522.25 drivers. Netizen Timbers007 has confirmed that the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti is no longer affected by the limitation and can achieve a mining speed of 112 MH/s. Additionally, the RTX 3060 v2 (models with LHR) is also capable of 47 MH/s with the latest drivers.

Nvidia will launch the LHR version of the RTX 30 graphics card in May 2021, limiting the mining power of the graphics card. At present, Ethereum has been upgraded to version 3.0, and graphics card mining is no longer required, so it is reasonable for NVIDIA to cancel the RTX 30 graphics card mining limit.

According to Nvidia, the Game Ready 522.25 WHQL driver brings DirectX 12 enhancements for all RTX graphics cards. Tested by foreign media and Computerbase, under the latest 522.25 driver, the performance of RTX 3090 Ti is improved by 4-5%.

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