NVIDIA is testing the priority purchase method for player certification

In order to prevent the RTX 4090 public version graphics card from being snapped up by scalpers when it goes on sale, Nvidia is testing a certification priority purchase method. Nvidia’s VPA program is reportedly only available in a handful of markets and through retailers, including Best Buy (US), Scan (UK), NBB (Germany and Netherlands), and LDLC (France, Italy, and Spain).

According to reports, if you already own a GeForce GTX 10 series, GTX 16 series, RTX 20 series or RTX 30 series graphics card and log in with GeForce Experience, you will be notified through a pop-up window in GeForce Experience, which will appear as shown in the image above. Priority purchase page. It's where you can pre-order your graphics card whether it's in stock or not, and there's a limited window of time to complete your purchase when resellers have some ready.

The RTX 4090 was sold out in seconds on JD.com a few days ago, and it is currently making reservations, with more than 60,000 reservations.

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