Nvidia RTX 4090 8K gaming test: Overwatch: Homecoming hits 520fps

The evaluation of NVIDIA RTX 4090 was lifted last night, and media Tech Chap took the lead in testing the performance of this graphics card at 8K resolution.

In the latest "Overwatch: Return", the RTX 4090 achieved a frame rate of 520fps at 8K resolution and 585fps at 4K resolution, significantly ahead of the RTX 3090.

In Forza Horizon 5, the RTX 4090 hits 76fps at 8K .

In "Cyberpunk: 2077", the RTX 4090 can reach 65fps in 8K with DLSS 3 turned on .

In Microsoft Flight Simulation, the RTX 4090 can reach 81fps at 8K with DLSS 3 turned on.

Tech Chap's test system is equipped with a 16-core Ryzen 9 7950X Zen4 processor, ASUS ROG Maximus X670E Hero motherboard, and 32GB DDR5-6200 memory. The display device is a $3,500 65-inch Samsung Neo QLED QN800B 8K TV. The RTX 4090 graphics card will go on sale at 9 o'clock tonight, and interested friends can pay attention.

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