Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti new revelation

The whistleblower XpeaGPU brought a new report on the RTX 4090 Ti. The best AD102 chip has been reserved for the RTX 4090 Ti, and this Titan-level graphics card will have 18176 CUDA cores, which is 11% more than the 16384 CUDA of the RTX 4090. At the same time, the RTX 4090 will be equipped with faster 24 Gbps 24GB of GDDR6X memory, and the bandwidth will increase from 1 TB/s to 1.1 TB/s. Taken together, the RTX 4090 Ti will perform 10% to 20% higher than the RTX 4090.

As early as September, someone exposed the NVIDIA RTX 4090 Ti engineering sample, saying that this graphics card will be equipped with a full version of the AD102 GPU, and the power consumption is expected to be more than 600W. Moore's Law is Dead also released a rendering of the public version of the RTX 4090Ti, saying that it uses a three-slot design, and may even reach three and a half slots.

At present, Nvidia has not announced the news of the RTX 4090 Ti, which is expected to be launched next year. The RTX 4090 will be officially launched tonight, starting at 12,999 yuan. The RTX 4080 series will go on sale next month. The RTX 4070, 60 series may be announced at CES early next year.

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