OnePlus 8/8 Pro / 8T / 9RT / 9R Opens ColorOS 13.0 x Android 13 Upgrade Public Beta Recruitment

The five models of the OnePlus 8/8 Pro / 8T / 9RT / 9R have started the recruitment of the public beta version of ColorOS 13.0 x Android 13 upgrade. Users who hold these mobile phones can sign up to upgrade to the latest public beta system.

How to apply?

On your mobile phone, click "Settings > About This Device > Top Version Information (above "Mobile Name") > Settings button in the upper right corner > Early adopters application > Upgrade public beta", and then follow the prompts to apply, from October 11 to 12th.

Note that you need to make sure that the mobile phone version has been upgraded to the basic version (version number viewing method: Settings > About This Machine > Version Information > Version Number)

  • OnePlus 8 base version - C.34
  • OnePlus 8 Pro base version - C.34
  • OnePlus 8T base version - C.34
  • OnePlus 9RT 5G Basic Version - C.07
  • OnePlus 9R 5G base version - C.34

The current ColorOS 13.0 public beta still has some bugs that affect the experience, including:

  • The charging prompt is displayed abnormally when the screen is locked (only OnePlus 8/8 Pro / 8T / 9R)
  • Abnormal display of QQ music media playback in the control center (only OnePlus 8/8 Pro / 8T / 9R)
  • Unable to send video recorded by a camera below 300K resolution (only OnePlus 8/8 Pro/8T/9R)
  • Some special effects of the Cyberpunk customized version are not adapted (only OnePlus 8/8 Pro / 8T)
  • After switching the system live wallpaper, the time display on the lock screen is abnormal (only OnePlus 9RT)

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