OnePlus releases Android 13-based Oxygen OS 13 public beta for Oneplus 9RT

OnePlus has taken the lead in using ColorOS in China, and the OnePlus 9 series is the first model to carry it, but the subsequent models are all pre-installed with ColorOS, but OnePlus overseas models will still be suitable. Equipped with the latest Oxygen OS. The OnePlus 9RT is now getting the latest OxygenOS 13 public beta, based on Android 13. It's currently being tested in the Indian market, and in addition to some functional optimizations, it brings an Aquamorphic aquatic design, improvements, and new features to the OnePlus 9RT.

In addition, the OnePlus 10R, OnePlus 10T, OnePlus 10 / Pro, and OnePlus 9 / Pro have also obtained the beta version of Oxygen OS 13 based on Android 13, and users can download it from the official community.

There are some small bugs in this version, for example, the eye protection mode cannot be turned on in certain scenarios, and the lock screen time cannot be displayed normally after switching the system's live wallpaper.

From the official update announcement, Oxygen OS 13 is mainly upgraded in terms of theme, efficiency, seamless interconnection, security and privacy, and health, and there are not many changes in other aspects.

The public beta of OxygenOS 13

  • OnePlus 9RT (India)
  • OnePlus 10R
  • OnePlus 10R Longevity Edition
  • OnePlus 10 Pro North America
  • OnePlus  10 Pro India Edition
  • OnePlus 10 Pro European version 

Android 12 rollback package:

  •  OnePlus 9RT (India)
  •  OnePlus 10R
  •  OnePlus 10R Longevity Edition 
  • OnePlus 10 Pro North America (A.15)
  • OnePlus 10 Pro India Version (A.15)
  • OnePlus 10 Pro European version (A.15)  

For many years, OnePlus has insisted on providing two sets of software experiences "Hydrogen OS" and "Oxygen OS" on the National Bank and the international version of the products respectively. After the merger of OnePlus and OPPO, all models of the National Bank will use the ColorOS operating system under the OPPO team. For consumers in the non-national market, OnePlus said that the international version of the product line will continue to use OxygenOS (oxygen OS), which has an experience close to the native Android system.

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