OverClocking get started with DDR5-7200 UHF memory

In September this year, T-FORCE, an e-sports brand under Team Group Technology, launched the highest DDR5-7200 memory module. Now, OverClocking has got this product. This memory has a timing of 34-42-42-84 and uses the latest  Hynix A-die chip, which has a higher frequency than the previous Hynix M-Die.

Team Group Technology officially stated that T-FORCE DELTA RGB DDR5 also has a special cooling module combining professional thermal conductive silicone and geometric aluminum alloy cooling vest, and has passed the lighting effect software certification of ASRock, ASUS, Biostar, GIGABYTE, and MSI motherboard manufacturers. In the process of high-performance overclocking, it can effectively dissipate heat, exert stable and excellent overclocking strength, and allow global players to create exclusive personalized RGB special effects at will.

DDR5-6400, 6600, and other models of overclocking memory are currently available on the market, and models with more than 7000 have not yet been listed.

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