Panel driver IC manufacturers: the stage of rapid and substantial decline in performance has passed

Although the orders of panel driver IC manufacturers have not recovered significantly after the severe correction of customer demand, some industry players said that the stage of a rapid and sharp decline in performance has passed, and operations can be Hope to gradually bottom out.

Affected by customers' destocking, the panel driver IC factory's revenue has fallen rapidly since June. Novatek's August revenue fell to NT$6.527 billion (about 1.469 billion yuan), a sharp decrease of 49.5% from the high point in September last year. In addition, Ruiding's August revenue was NT$1.326 billion (about 298 million yuan), a sharp drop of 50.95% from the high point in April this year; Tianyu's revenue in August was NT$1.434 billion (about 323 million yuan), which was lower than that in August. 37.38% off the September high last year.

Taiwanese media pointed out that the legal person expects that Novatek's third-quarter operating goals are expected to be successfully achieved, with quarterly revenue of about NT$19.1 billion (about 4.298 billion yuan) to NT$20.3 billion (about 4.567 billion yuan), a decrease of 35% from the previous month. to 39%.

Novatek said that the current market demand is weak, including poor market conditions for mobile phones, computers, and TVs, and customers continue to destock. Although there is no sign of a significant recovery in demand, it has not deteriorated further. Tian Yu also pointed out that customers continue to destock, and demand remains on the sidelines. However, the most dramatic stage of performance revision has passed, and it is expected that operations will gradually bottom out and stabilize.

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