Philips Hue Play display light strips are on the market

In September, Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) launched a new Philips Hue Play gradient light bar for PC monitors, which can be connected behind the monitor to provide ambient lighting effects. Now, this series of Hue Play display light strips have been launched in China, priced at 1,399 yuan for 24-27 inches and 1,599 yuan for 32-34 inches.

The official said that the newly launched Philips Hue Ruiji color light gradient floor lamp adopts Hue Play gradient technology, which can further extend the dynamic panoramic light around the screen and realize the linkage of the whole house atmosphere. Compatible with the Philips Hue app, the new Sunrise Wake feature simulates the first rays of the sun rising from the horizon in the morning.

Philips Hue announced that it has reached a cooperation with CORSAIR, world-renowned computer hardware, and peripheral company, to further integrate the intelligent lighting system into the e-sports ecosystem and improve the home entertainment space product portfolio.

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