Philips launched a 2999 yuan smart desktop drinking machine

Huawei has now announced that the Philips smart desktop drinking machine is now officially on sale in Huawei Mall and Huawei's self-operated official flagship store. This water purifier supports Aquaporin Inside aquaporin purification technology, which can purify 110 kinds of harmful substances through strontium-rich mineralization technology, supports HarmonyOS Connect, and supports step-less temperature control. Let the drinking experience enter a new realm of wisdom.

It is equipped with a 6L water tank, has an external removable pure kettle, can provide 6 customized modes, supports instant heating technology in seconds, and can achieve "100% true boiling".

This drinking machine supports Hongmeng Zhilian and can be controlled through the Smart Life App in Huawei mobile phones, including water temperature, water output, smart memory, winter mode, etc. can be adjusted at will.

The Smart Life App can also view functions: view strontium intake, water quality report, and water use report.

When the device is normally connected to the Internet, users can also remotely operate the Huawei Smart Philips Smart Desktop Drinking Machine through the Huawei Smart Life App to perform functions such as water temperature, water output, one-button flushing, and smart memory. to operate.

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