Philips released a new series of office monitors

Philips released a new series of office monitors, including 34B1U5600CH, 24B1U5301H, and 27B1U5601H models, all supporting USB-C one-line connection and a built-in 5 million pixel camera. The 24B1U5301H is a 24-inch 1080p resolution, the 27B1U5601H model is a 27-inch 1440p resolution, and the 34B1U5600CH is a 34-inch fish screen with a resolution of 3440x1440.

This series of displays have a built-in 5MP webcam and also supports functions such as noise-canceling microphones and speakers. The webcam protects user privacy with its physical switch and is equipped with advanced sensors for fast and secure Windows Hello facial recognition. All three monitors support USB-C one-line connection, of which the 24-inch model supports a 90W reverse power supply, and the 27 and 34-inch models support a 100W reverse power supply.

In terms of price, Philips 24B1U5301H, 27B1U5601H and 34B1U5600CH will be on sale at the end of October, priced at 369.99 pounds (about 2927 yuan), 459.99 pounds (about 3639 yuan) and 619.99 pounds (about 4904 yuan).

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