PICO 4 carrying case has hidden dangers and announced a recall

PICO officially released a new generation of VR all-in-one machines in the Chinese market - the PICO 4 series, starting at 2499 yuan. This is the first time that PICO has released an upgraded product since it was acquired by ByteDance.

Several existing users have reported that they have received a recall text message from the official flagship store of PICO, prompting that a replacement carrying case can be sent back, saying that the original carrying case may cause the host to wear or scratch the risk.

Because the PICO 4 carrying case you have purchased is at risk of being worn or scratched when storing the host, we hereby inform you by text message that you can contact the store customer service for assistance in sending it back for replacement. 

The relevant person in charge of PICO responded today that they found that the PICO 4 carrying case has hidden dangers that may easily cause the appearance of the host. In order to better protect the rights and interests of users, it is decided to urgently optimize the design of the carrying case and accelerate the production of the new PICO 4 carrying case to reduce the occurrence of this risk. It is expected that the update and upgrade of the new portable bag will be completed before October 21 this year, and the replacement procedure of the user-side portable bag will be started.

The PICO 4 is equipped with a 4K+-level super-view screen with a PPI (pixel density) of 1200 and a refresh rate of 90Hz ; two storage versions are available: 128GB and 256GB. Officials say it provides about three hours of use on a single charge, and like previous Pico headsets, the battery is built into the back strap for balance.

According to reports, the appearance of the PICO 4 uses a black mirror and a contrasting color matching of the gray and white body. In terms of hardware configuration, the PICO 4 series is innovatively equipped with the Pancake folded optical path design, and the weight without straps and batteries is only 295g; it adopts a front and rear balance design scheme, and is matched with skin-friendly facial foam.

The new HyperSense handle of PICO 4 adopts the star ring arc column design, which is more ergonomic. The palm area uses a laser engraving process, which is effectively non-slip and prevents slipping. The handle also has a built-in powerful broadband linear motor with a vibration frequency range of 50~500Hz.

In terms of system, PICO 4 is equipped with the new PICO OS 5.0 operating system, and the UI style is more relaxed and natural. Through the new Avatar system, you can not only customize an exclusive avatar, but also invite friends to interact and entertain together. In addition, the newly launched MRC mixed reality recording function allows you to combine real action and virtual images with just one mobile phone to create novel and fun MR videos.

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