Raspberry Pi production is still subject to supply chain issues

In April this year, Raspberry Pi founder Ebon Upton said that they have been able to insist on manufacturing about 500,000 single-board computers and computing module products per month, and Manufacturing at this rate is expected to continue in the coming months. Upton also said at the time that they were prioritizing shipments to commercial and industrial customers who needed a Raspberry Pi to run their business, as their livelihoods could be at risk, meaning it would be less easy for individual users to buy a Raspberry Pi.

It's been five months, so what's the current situation? In a recent YouTube Livestream, blogger Jeff Geerling said he talked to Upton and asked about it. Upton told him that it's the same situation it was in April, which means that Raspberry Pis are still in tight supply and are still prioritizing supply to OEM customers who need them.

If for some reason you desperately need to get your hands on a Raspberry Pi ASAP, Geerling recommends emailing the Raspberry Pi directly, explaining your situation, and seeing if they can make an exception.

In February this year, the Raspberry Pi celebrated its 10th birthday. At the time, the company said it had sold 45 million devices.

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