Razer launches Peace Elite limited gift box

As a major peripheral manufacturer, Razer often co-brands various brands to launch a variety of different models of products, dazzling gross profits. CFHD” and even Microsoft Xbox, BAPE, Pok√©mon, Minions, EDG and more.

Razer has now launched a [Peace Elite X Razer Limited Gift Box], which includes "Razer Warhammer Shark True Wireless X" and "Razer Gaming Finger Gloves". Razer said that this is a product specially made for Peace Elite mobile game players, but there seems to be nothing special in terms of parameters and appearance. Tmall Mall shows 269 yuan.

This Warhammer Shark True Wireless X will be released in 2021. It is positioned between the Warhammer Shark True Wireless and the Warhammer Shark True Wireless Professional Edition. It lacks active noise reduction and THX sound effects but is supplied with Razer logo light.

This headset uses a 13 mm driver unit, supports Bluetooth 5.2, has a 60-millisecond low-latency game mode, and lasts 24/28 hours. The initial price is 549 yuan, and the current price is 299 yuan.

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