Razer limited-edition Xbox handle and charging base are now available

Razer has now launched a limited edition Xbox handle and charging stand that can be fully charged in three hours. This joint handle uses Razer's iconic green stripes and three-headed snake LOGO as the design keynote, supplemented by a transparent shell design, and the overall look is very smart. The set is priced at $199 (about 1411 yuan), but only in the United States, and It is sold on the official website of Razer in Canada. If you are interested, you can only find your own way.

This controller is specially designed for the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One models, which can be quickly and lightly paired with just one button, and it is also suitable for PC (Windows 10) or Mac games.

The Xbox Series X is the fourth-generation model of the Xbox series of game consoles. It was originally unveiled at the 2019 E3 game show, was officially announced at the 2019 The Game Awards ceremony, and released in November 2020. On sale.

The product is designed with a black cuboid shape and is equipped with a customized AMD processor with a 12 TFLOPS single-precision floating-point operation speed, GDDR6 memory, and NVMe solid-state drive. In September 2021, Microsoft announced that the Xbox Series X console has officially supported Dolby Vision games, and players will get a comprehensively improved visual experience.

As of March 2022, the total worldwide sales of the Xbox Series X|S console since its launch (the seventeenth month) has reached 13,867,499 units.

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