Red Devils gaming monitor open for pre-sale

The Red Devils gaming monitor will start pre-sale on all platforms today. This monitor uses a 27-inch AUO 7.0 Fast IPS panel and supports 4K UHD Ultra HD picture quality + 178° wide viewing angle + 160Hz Ultra High refresh rate, the first sale of 4999 yuan + 12 interest-free periods, officially launched at 10:00 on October 17!

The Red Magic gaming monitor uses the AUO 7.0 second-generation panel with 2,304 lamp beads, 1,152 independent partitions, the brightness of up to HDR1000, and supports 99% DC-P3 color gamut and 99% Adobe RGB color gamut. The chromaticity Delta E is less than 1.

In addition, this monitor has a response time of 1ms, supports AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync, and is the world's first millimeter-wave wireless projection monitor that supports lossless image quality transmission and millisecond-level delay.

In terms of interfaces, this monitor is equipped with an HDMI 2.1 full-blood interface, as well as a full-featured USB-C interface, which supports a 90W reverse power supply; the stand supports lifting and rotation adjustment.

According to previous information, the Red Devils gaming monitor was originally planned to be launched in September this year, offering two versions, a 4K normal version, a 4K wireless projection version, and a 2K 240Hz non-mini LED backlight version.

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