Red Magic 27-inch 4K 160Hz MiniLED gaming monitor goes on sale

Today the Red Devils gaming phone announced that the entire platform of the Red Devils gaming monitor is now on sale. The Red Magic 4K 160Hz refresh rate millimeter-wave wireless projection miniLED display adopts AUO 7.0 Fast IPS panel, 2304 miniLED lamp beads form 1152 independent backlight partitions, HDR1000 high standard, color accuracy △ E<1.

The Red Devils gaming monitor is available in two versions: the 4K version and the 4K wireless projection version. It supports an immediate discount of 500 yuan for the first sale and 12 interest-free periods. It will go on sale at 10:00 on October 17th. The initial price of the 4K version is 4,999 yuan, and the initial price of the 4K wireless projection version is 6,499 yuan.

The Red Magic gaming monitor was released in July this year. It adopts the second-generation AUO 7.0 panel, has 2304 lamp beads, and 1152 independent partitions, the brightness can reach HDR1000 and supports 99% DC-P3 color gamut, 99% Adobe RGB color gamut, color accuracy Delta E is less than 1.

The Red Magic gaming monitor has a 1ms response time and supports AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync. According to previous information, the 4K wireless screen projection version is also the first self-contained millimeter wave wireless screen projection display, which supports lossless image quality transmission and millisecond-level delay.

Interfaces: The Red Magic gaming monitor is equipped with an HDMI 2.1 full-blood interface, as well as a full-featured USB-C interface that supports a 90W reverse power supply; the stand supports lift and rotation adjustment.

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