Reliance Jio will launch an economical notebook computer priced at US$184

Reliance Jio will launch an economical notebook computer priced at US$184 (about 1312 yuan) with a built-in 4G SIM card. Copy the success of its low-cost JioPhone in India, a highly price-sensitive market.

Jio, India's largest telecom operator with more than 420 million subscribers, did not respond to the news. According to reports, Reliance Jio has reached cooperation with Qualcomm and Microsoft and plans to launch this JioBook notebook. The laptop will be available to corporate customers such as schools and government agencies from this month and is expected to be available to consumers within the next three months, the sources said. Like the JioPhone, a 5G-enabled version will follow. It is reported that the notebook will run Jio's own JioOS operating system, and applications can be downloaded from the JioStore.

The JioPhone has been the best-selling sub-$100 smartphone in India since its launch late last year, accounting for one-fifth of the market in the past three quarters, according to Counterpoint. The JioBook will be produced locally by contract manufacturer Flex, and Jio aims to sell "hundreds of thousands of units" by March next year, one of the sources said.

Overall PC shipments in India were 14.8 million units last year, led by HP, Dell and Lenovo, according to research firm IDC. Jio has raised about $22 billion in 2020 from global investors including KKR & Co Inc (KKR.N) and Silver Lake, which launched cheap 4G plans and free 4G plans in 2016, IT House learned. voice service, and later disrupted the world's second-largest mobile market with a 4G smartphone that cost as little as $81.

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