SA agency: More than 250 million refurbished smartphones will be sold this year

According to the WEEE Forum, more than 5 billion mobile phones will be turned into electronic waste this year. Refurbished machines can help with this. Strategy Analytics estimates that more than 250 million refurbished smartphones will be sold this year, up from 200 million a few years ago. While this is a drop in the bucket, the number of refurbished phones consumers are buying is steadily increasing. Looking ahead, it is estimated that this number will grow to 400 million by the end of this decade. Refurbished smartphones are a great option for both consumers and the environment.

According to the Strategy Analytics chart, the largest region for refurbished equipment sales in the Asia Pacific, followed by Africa Middle East, North America, Western Europe, Central, and Latin America, and Central and Eastern Europe.

The demand for refurbished smartphones is growing almost everywhere in the world. Economic conditions are one of the factors driving sales of refurbished smartphones. With inflation, energy, and food prices soaring, more consumers are looking to buy refurbished phones as a more affordable way to replace their current old smartphones. And as the price of high-end smartphones continues to rise steadily, many consumers are looking to upgrade to a better smartphone by buying a refurbished phone rather than a new one.

Major smartphone OEMs like Samsung and Apple have programs to refurbish and offer certified refurbished devices. When operators sell new equipment, they offer trade-in options for older equipment, and then work with the industry to refurbish that equipment. Some carriers, like Orange, are offering these devices to their customers.

Refurbished smartphones are increasingly seen by consumers as a smart choice that helps save money as well as the environment. Young consumers are particularly interested in refurbished smartphones. Refurbished phones are a win-win for everyone.

Based in Brussels, Belgium, the Electronic and Electrical Equipment Waste Forum released a report predicting that 5.3 billion of the 16 billion mobile phones held by the world will be discarded or unused this year.

According to a survey conducted in six European countries from June to September 2022, many of the 5 billion discarded mobile phones are hoarded and left behind in drawers, cupboards, or garages instead of putting them away. Send for repair or recycling.

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