SA: Samsung smartphone sales lead 2022 Indian holiday season

StrategyAnalytics latest research pointed out that in the first 8 days of the holiday season from September 23 to 30, 2022, India's smartphone sales revenue increased by 19%, driven by a 19% increase in wholesale average selling prices. up 17%. Samsung leads with a 26% market share, followed by Xiaomi and Realme.

“We estimate that 12.8 million smartphones were sold in the first week of this year’s smartphone holiday promotion season in India, generating revenue of $2.1 billion, up 17% year-on-year,” said Strategy Analytics industry analysts. Wholesale smartphone ASP grew 19% year-on-year, to US$165 (about 1181 yuan). Compared with low-end mobile phones, this year's sales are more inclined to mid-to-high-end smartphones. This is one of the reasons for the steady increase in ASP. In terms of sales, due to high inflation and economic recession Sales of entry-level devices declined, down 2% compared to the first week of last year's holiday season due to concerns. But higher ASPs offset lower volumes, resulting in solid revenue growth."

Market share of the top 3 manufacturers in the first week of the holiday promotion season in India in 2022

In terms of vendor dynamics and Samsung's performance, Strategy Analytics reported: "Samsung, Xiaomi, and Realme are the top three in this holiday season in India. These three brands together account for 62% of total sales. Samsung led the market with a 26% market share in the first week of this year's holiday promotion season. We estimate Samsung sold 3.3 million smartphones this year, successfully outpacing Chinese vendors due to the fact that it sold 3.3 million smartphones in all price ranges. There are attractive price discounts and enhanced channel presence. This time, the biggest discount on Samsung phones is about 40% off the actual retail price. High-end models such as S22 Ultra, S21 FE, S22 Plus, Z Flip 3 Both have considerable discounts and are selling well during the festive season. In the mid-range segment, the Samsung Galaxy F13 and M13 are also heavily discounted and are selling well.”

Commenting on the performance of Chinese brands, a senior analyst at Strategy Analytics added: "We estimate Xiaomi and Realme will sell 2.5 million and 2.2 million this year, respectively, ranking second and third with a market share of 20% and 17%. Facing huge resistance and a limited channel promotion budget, this year’s performance was weak. Xiaomi gave way to Samsung.”

StrategyAnalytics senior analyst added: "Apple isn't in the top three, but it's selling well. Apple devices are discounted by as much as 33% at major electronics retailers. Second-generation devices like the iPhone 13 are heavily discounted, and It's very popular. We think the iPhone 13 is the best-selling model for two reasons. First, it's the latest of all models available for sale at an attractive discount. Second, in addition to satellite connectivity and crash detection, The iPhone 14 looks and feels very similar to the iPhone 13, and the processor is the same. Therefore, people are more inclined to choose the cheaper iPhone 13. We believe that after the iPhone 13 is discounted, its demand will be further in the upcoming holiday sales increase."

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