SA: Weak handset demand, RF GaAs device revenue to fall in 2022

Strategy Analytics released a report that RF GaAs equipment revenue reversed the decline in 2020 from the first decline in more than a decade, and continued to rise in 2021. The report noted that 5G equipment and networks are the main drivers of this growth, but the report forecasts that RF GaAs equipment revenue will decline in 2022 as inflation, trade sanctions, supply chain issues and uncertainties in the global economy are difficult to overcome.

Strategy Analytics said that after 2022, the revenue of radio frequency GaAs equipment will be close to 9.3 billion US dollars (about 66.309 billion yuan) in 2026, and growth will resume. Widespread deployment of 5G handsets and networks will be the growth engine for future RF GaAs device revenue growth.

GaAs equipment revenue is closely linked to the cellular market, and the adoption of 5G with more RF content has driven revenue growth over the past two years. Weak handset demand in 2022 will lead to a decline in RF GaAs device revenue in 2022 .

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