Samsung and Google team up to create more interoperable Matter smart home devices

Samsung announced that it is expanding its partnership with Google to make smart homes more interoperable. The program will allow Samsung Galaxy phone and tablet owners to use Matter-compatible smart home devices on SmartThings and Google Home, giving users more choice over how they control and purchase their devices.

According to Samsung, if users have been using Google Home and have devices connected, and they also have devices connected to SmartThings, users can now import all of their devices into both apps and only need to use one of them. Google recently announced an update to Google Home that will bring Matter support - the update will arrive later this year.

Matthew McCullough, vice president of product management for Android developers at Google, said,

"With the launch of Matter, we know there will be new expectations when it comes to smart home connectivity. We are proud to partner with Samsung Electronics to give new and existing smart home users their look at the smart home of the future and what comes with it That comes with an exploration of ease of use.”

The Matter smart home standard will enter most major smart home products, enabling cross-brand interoperability.

In October, the Connectivity Standards Alliance and its members, including Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung, and other smart home manufacturers, announced the Matter 1.0 standard for smart home accessories.

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