Samsung announces memory roadmap

Samsung introduced its memory roadmap at the Samsung Foundry Forum 2022 event.

As shown in the figure above, in the upcoming 2023, Samsung will enter the 1bnm process stage, the memory chip capacity will reach 24Gb (3GB) - 32Gb (4GB), and the native speed will be 6.4-7.2Gbps. In terms of video memory, a new generation of GDDR7 video memory will come out next year, so the mid-term facelift of the new generation of AMD and Nvidia graphics cards may use GDDR7 video memory.

In addition, Samsung has also made some long-term visions, such as launching DDR6 memory in 2026 and achieving native 10Gbps speed in 2027.

Samsung has also unveiled its flash memory roadmap, with V9 NAND chips expected in 2024.

Samsung pointed out at its previous Tech Day 2022 event that its ninth-generation V-NAND is under development and is scheduled to be mass-produced in 2024 . By 2030, Samsung envisions stacking more than 1,000 layers of NAND to better support future data-intensive technologies. Samsung also announced that the world's highest capacity 1Tb TLC V-NAND will be available to customers by the end of this year .

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