Samsung Electronics announces the establishment of a 6G research group in the UK

Samsung Electronics announced that it will set up a 6G research group at Samsung Research Institute (SRUK) in London, England, focusing on the development of 6G network and terminal equipment technology. It is reported that Samsung Electronics has the will to lead the global market from the stage of establishing the 6G vision.

At the first Samsung 6G Forum held in May this year, Samsung Electronics shared the goal of providing the next-generation hyper-connected experience for everyone through 6G.

Samsung Electronics released a white paper at the time outlining the company's vision to defend the global spectrum for 6G, the next-generation communications technology. The white paper, titled "6G Spectrum Extending the Boundaries," discusses ways to acquire the spectrum needed to realize the 6G vision set out in the company's white paper published earlier in July 2020.

Choi Sung-hyun, executive vice president and head of the Advanced Communications Research Center at Samsung Research, said, "We have long started our journey to understand, develop and standardize 6G communications technology, and we are committed to taking a leadership role in sharing our research results and disseminating our vision to bring the next hyperconnected experience to every corner of life.”

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