Samsung Electronics plans to mass produce 2nm chips in 2025 and 1.4nm chips in 2027

Samsung Electronics chip contract manufacturing business said on Tuesday that despite the current global economic downturn, it plans to more than triple its advanced chip production capacity by 2027 to meet. strong demand.

The world's second-largest foundry after TSMC aims to mass-produce advanced 2nm technology chips by 2025 and 1.4nm chips by 2027, which will be used in high-performance computing and artificial intelligence, and other applications.

"There has been some progress (in raising prices) this year, and the cost is being reflected..." said Moonsoo Kang, executive vice president of foundry business at Samsung Electronics. "New orders won so far will be made in 2-3 years. , so the immediate impact of the current environment will be minimal."

Samsung began mass production of chips using 3nm technology in June this year. Samsung said the company is in talks with potential 3nm partners, including Qualcomm, Tesla, and AMD.

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