Samsung Electronics: Target to more than triple chip foundry capacity by 2027

Samsung Electronics held the 2022 Samsung Foundry Forum in Gangnam District, Seoul on October 20th. 

Jeong Ki-tae, vice president of the technology development department of the company's foundry business unit, said that Samsung Electronics successfully mass-produced 3-nanometer chips based on GAA technology for the first time in the world this year. Compared with 5-nanometer chips, the power of 3-nanometer chips Power consumption is reduced by 45%, performance is improved by 23%, and the area is reduced by 16%.

Samsung Electronics also plans to spare no effort to expand the production capacity of its chip foundry, with a goal of more than tripling its production capacity by 2027. To that end, the chipmaker is pursuing a "cassette-first" strategy, in which it builds a clean room first and then operates the facility flexibly as market demands arise.

Choi Si-young, president of Samsung Electronics foundry business unit, said: "We are operating five factories in Korea and the United States, and we have secured sites to build more than 10 factories."

Samsung Electronics plans to launch the second-generation 3-nanometer process in 2023, start mass production of 2-nanometer in 2025, and launch the 1.4-nanometer process in 2027. Disclose this technology roadmap.

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