Samsung Releases Knox Matrix New Security Service

Samsung has announced a new service that will be pre-installed on devices, called Samsung Knox Matrix. Unlike its existing Knox security services, Knox Matrix will incorporate a private blockchain system to help keep the smart home ecosystem more secure.

The Samsung Knox Matrix will allow devices to connect to a private blockchain, so they can monitor each other and help defend against cyberattacks.

Samsung says the new system will prevent unauthorized access and make the login process more convenient. Credentials will be shared from device to device to ensure security and protect sensitive information. Sadly, the company hasn't delved into the technology as much, so it's unclear what data will be shared between devices for security. Samsung said it will discuss the design of the Knox Matrix in the future.

What the company has confirmed is that the Knox Matrix will work on a variety of devices, including smartphones, TVs, and even air conditioners. With this announcement, and the partnership announced with Google, Samsung is delivering a more mature smart home experience.

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