Samsung's mobile phone market share in South Korea fell below 60% for the first time

The South Korean smartphone market, which is regarded as Samsung's "home", is undergoing a new round of changes. Apple, whose market share has always hovered below 20%, entered the second half of the year. Later, it became aggressive, and its presence in the Korean market was greatly improved.

On October 4, data from Stat Counter, a website traffic statistics service, showed that the iPhone's share in the Korean smartphone market continued to increase, from 27.28% in June to 34.1% in September. However, Samsung's market share has been declining. The market share has dropped from 66.11% in June to 63.98% in July and 59.47% in August. The decline continued to expand in September, and its market share fell to 58.38%. Samsung's domestic market in South Korea This is the first time the share has fallen below 60%.

Before 2020, Apple's market share in South Korea has been hovering below 20%. Last year, due to LG Electronics' announcement to close its mobile phone business, Apple's market share in South Korea exceeded 20% for the first time, but its market share remained unchanged for several years. 60-70% of Samsung Electronics is still not the same.

According to the report, at the beginning of this year, Samsung Game Optimization Service (GOS) artificially slowed down the running speed of some of its devices, causing controversy. Apple successively raised the purchase subsidies for the old iPhone series, driving the iPhone’s market share in South Korea to exceed 30% for the first time.

The industry predicts that Apple's market share is expected to further increase in the fourth quarter, driven by the launch of the iPhone 14 series. Apple has opened four Apple Stores in South Korea.

Samsung has recently lowered the ex-factory price of the Galaxy S21 series and increased the purchase subsidy for the latest folding screen smartphone Galaxy Z Flip 4 by 100,000 won (about 495 yuan) on the original basis, trying to consolidate the market by playing a "price card" Advantage. Samsung's flagship mobile phone Galaxy S23 series is expected to be released early next year. It is expected that the entire series will be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor and support 25W wired fast charging.

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