SanDisk Master PRO-G40 SSD external solid-state drive listed

SanDisk announced the launch of the SanDisk Master PRO-G40 SSD external solid-state drive, featuring high-speed transmission and durability. "The new SanDisk Master PRO-G40 SSD external solid state drive effectively solves the problem of the past - choosing the wrong USB-C for devices using Thunderbolt 3 or USB ports," said Stefan Mandl, Vice President of Sales, Western Digital China, and the Asia Pacific. cable or computer. This storage solution supports both and comes with a cable that is compatible with both. This allows creatives to collaborate efficiently across devices when creating important content without worrying about bringing the wrong one The equipment may affect the performance of the equipment due to high-intensity continuous work.”

This is a new high-end storage product of SanDisk Master, with a read speed of up to 2700MB/s and a write speed of 1900MB/s, support for up to 3 meters of drop protection, and 1814 kg of compression resistance strength.

At present, this product has been listed on Tmall, and the price of 1TB is 3999 yuan.

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