Sapeon plans to use TSMC's 7nm node to produce new AI chips

South Korean artificial intelligence (AI) chip company Sapeon's chief technology officer (CTO) Chung Moo-kyoung said the company plans to use TSMC's 7nm node to produce its new artificial intelligence chips next year. Series X330.

In November 2020, SK Telecom launched the AI ​​chip brand Sapeon and launched its self-developed, South Korea's first AI chip, the Sapeon X220. The company commissioned TSMC to manufacture the Sapeon chip.

The Sapeon X220 is used for faster processing of artificial intelligence tasks. The deep learning calculation speed is 6.7 thousand frames per second, which is 1.5 times that of conventional GPUs. At the same time, the power consumption is reduced by 20%, and the cost is also reduced by 50%.

In April last year, Sapeon was spun off from SK Telecom. Korean media reported that the company plans to start supplying 7-nanometer chips next year, and plans to accumulate 2 trillion won in revenue by 2027.

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