Shentianma: Micro-LED has broad application scenarios in the future

According to the record of investor relations activities disclosed by Shentianma, Shentianma recently said in an on-site investigation by an agency that since the beginning of this year, the company has successively announced the construction of an in-vehicle display R&D center (Wuhu), the 8.6th generation Panel production line (TM19, Xiamen), new display module production line (TM20, Wuhu), full-process Micro-LED test line (Xiamen) and other important R&D and mass production line projects. At present, the above projects are progressing smoothly as scheduled.

When talking about the Micro-LED business, Shentianma said that the company is actively carrying out a forward-looking technology layout. Micro-LED is a cutting-edge technology that has received great attention. The future application scenarios are broad, but it will take time for maturity and commercialization. In June of this year, Shenzhen Tianma announced the construction of a full-process Micro-LED test line that will be transferred from huge quantities to display modules, aiming to rely on independent strength to deploy and master key common technologies.

In terms of the localization rate of upstream raw materials, Shen Tianma pointed out that in the display field, with the gradual maturity and stability of domestic resources, the localization rate of LCD raw materials is relatively high at present, but the layout of the core raw materials and key equipment upstream of AMOLED, foreign supply Businesses still have a strong voice, and it will take time for the localization rate to increase. 

With the continuous development of the display industry chain and the maturity of AMOLED display technology, the quality and capability of domestic key raw materials and equipment continue to improve, and the localization rate of AMOLED raw materials and equipment is expected to gradually increase. The company has established friendly cooperative relations with thousands of suppliers around the world, maintains and seeks long-term in-depth synergy, and has always supported and encouraged the development of domestic material and equipment suppliers. The company will continue to promote the localization and diversified procurement of the supply chain, and continuously strengthen the resilience of the supply chain.

In response to the changes in panel prices, Shen Tianma said that since the beginning of this year, the global display industry is still undergoing a new round of adjustment. At the same time, macro factors such as epidemic fluctuations, geopolitics, and inflation have also exacerbated the extent of industry adjustment. Some of the market demand for customers has been revised, and product prices have dropped. The small and medium-sized display market that the company focuses on has rich downstream applications, and most of them are customized products. The price fluctuations of each segment display field such as mobile phones, IT, automotive, and industrial products are different. 

In addition to supply and demand affecting prices, product prices should also be subdivided based on product specifications, risk defense capabilities, and other factors. Different demand plans will have different prices. The key lies in how to quickly meet the needs of different customers and markets. The company pays attention to the improvement of product value, and constantly makes additions on the screen to strive for higher value-added product order share and shipment strength. In addition, the company continued to optimize costs and improve operating efficiency. The company will strive to improve its comprehensive competitiveness and strive to achieve sustainable and stable operations amid uncertainties.

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