SK hynix launches CXL-based integrated computing and memory solution CMS

According to SK hynix official news, following the launch of the company's first CXL memory sample in August this year, SK hynix successfully developed the industry's first CMS (CMS) that combines computing functions with CXL memory. Computational Memory Solution).

The solution is to be installed on the next-generation server platform, which is expected to improve system performance and energy efficiency. On October 18th, U.S. time, SK hynix simultaneously disclosed the CMS and the software platform applying the solution at the OCP (Open Compute Project) global summit held in San Jose, USA, thus proving the new generation of high-performance computing solutions and customer perspectives. value.

Officially, CXL (Compute Express Link) is a new interconnect technology that can more effectively integrate and use various solutions such as memory, GPU, and AI accelerator. Just like GPU and SSD, CXL can flexibly expand the memory capacity of the system by installing memory cards. SK hynix noticed that this interconnection technology supports the technical characteristics of both memory and accelerator, and preemptively carried out research and development work to launch a comprehensive solution.

The CMS developed by SK hynix this time combines the advantages of CXL with scalable high-capacity memory, and also provides machine learning and data filtering computing functions commonly used in big data analysis applications.

The CMS prototype developed by SK hynix made its debut at the OCP Global Summit and will be exhibited at the SK Technology Summit (held in South Korea) in early November.

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