Sony A7R5 flagship camera new revelations

Sony's A7R5 flagship camera to be released on October 26 will be equipped with a rollover screen and a newly designed 8-speed in-body image stabilization system. Based on the previous revelations, the Sony A7R5 will be equipped with a newly developed processor, and the speed will be greatly improved; it will use the same 61MP sensor as the previous generation; it will be equipped with a new autofocus system with artificial intelligence deep learning; it supports 8k 24p (cropping), 4k 60p recording; uses the same cooling design as the A7S3, allowing the A7R5 to record up to 30 minutes of 8K video.

The Sony A7R series cameras feature high image quality and are equipped with high-pixel CMOS. In 2019, the Sony A7R4 camera was released, equipped with Sony's first 61-megapixel full-frame sensor, with a 15-stop dynamic range, 10 high-speed continuous shooting per second, and 567 phase detection focus points and 425 contrast detection focus points, covering about 74 % viewfinder range, support real-time tracking function and 5.5-level anti-shake effect at the same time.

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