Sony PlayStation to step up investments in PC, mobile and Live Service games

A Sony Group executive said that the company's game business is seeking new investment to promote development in the PC and mobile fields. Currently, Sony is battling rivals for talent, and industry mergers and acquisitions are heating up.

" It's definitely possible for us to invest further in areas like PC, mobile, and Live Service games, " Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, said in an interview.

The so-called Live Service type games, that is, after the game body is released, formulate a long-term content update support plan for it.

Sony's studio is known for single-player console games like Spider-Man and God of War. According to reports, the company has plans to release the game on PC and mobile devices, as well as provide a Live Service type of game that brings continuously updated gameplay.

The shift is also reflected in Sony's recent deals, including its $3.6 billion acquisition of Bungie. It's the studio behind Sony's multiplayer Destiny franchise that operates outside of the PlayStation Studios network.

Other investments include the acquisition of a minority stake in Japanese developer FromSoftware, whose action role-playing game Ayrden Circle has sold more than 16.6 million copies. Analysts expect more deals from Sony , given the range of targets for the transformation of the gaming business.

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