Sony PS5 console version 22.02-06.00.01 updated to improve system performance

Sony released a system software upgrade for the PS5 console on October 5th, the version number is 22.02-06.00.01, and the update log only mentions improved system performance. In September this year, the PS5 launched the 22.02-06.00.00 major update, which brought a 1440p HDMI video output option and the ability to create custom game lists in the game content storage library. Please refer to the official website for details of the updated content.

According to the latest news, Sony's new PS5 is equipped with an upgraded 6nm AMD SoC called Oberon Plus. The design and specifications of the Oberon Plus are exactly the same as the 7nm Oberon, but the chip is smaller and the power consumption is lower. Compared with the original 300mm², it has been reduced to 260mm², so the new PS5 also only needs a slightly less cooling solution. .

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