Sony PS5 Elite Controller DualSense Edge will be released in January next year

At the Cologne Game Show in August of this year, Sony released the PS5 DualSense Edge controller. Now, Sony has announced that the controller will be available on January 26, 2023.

In terms of price, the suggested retail price of the DualSense Edge wireless controller is $199.99 (about 1438 yuan), and the replaceable joystick module will also be available globally on January 26, with a suggested retail price of $19.99 (about 144 yuan).

The new features of the elite model of Sony DualSense Edge include:

  • Adjustable joystick sensitivity and dead zone adjustment, trigger key travel and dead zone adjustment
  • Multiple control profiles can be saved simultaneously for use in different games
  • Comes with a dedicated Fn button to help users quickly switch between different control profiles and adjust game settings
  • Comes with 3 interchangeable rocker caps and 2 interchangeable back buttons
  • Replaceable joystick module to improve handle life (sold separately)

At the same time, the DualSense Edge handle will also support all the functions of the DualSense handle, including built-in microphones, adaptive triggers, haptic feedback vibration, and more. The DualSense Edge handle will come with a rocker cap, back button and USB Type-C charging cable, and the charging cable connector can be locked with the handle to ensure that users will not loosen the charging cable due to excessive shaking in wired mode.

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