Sony PS5 game console to ship 30 million units in 2023

Sony expects to ship about 30 million PlayStation 5 game consoles within the next year. This suggests that Sony may be optimistic that its supply problems will improve significantly in fiscal 2023. As the world adjusts to work during the COVID-19 pandemic, industries severely impacted by shutdowns and increased or decreased demand have begun to stabilize.

Prominent gaming industry insider Tom Henderson published a report on his website Insider Gaming, saying that Sony is aiming to ship 30 million PS5 consoles between now and March 2024. Of the projected 30 million units, Insider Games said Sony thinks it will sell 18 million in the same time frame. A recently released report said Sony's PS5 shipments have surged by nearly 400% since the same period last year.

Sony seems confident that the issues plaguing PS5 supply are nearing an end. While it hasn't been officially announced, Sony is expected to start selling the PS5 Removable Optical Drive Edition, but that won't go into production until the middle of next year. Until then, Sony will produce both a disc version of the PS5 and a digital version of the PS5, and then it is expected that Sony may phase out the disc version of the PS5 and only sell the digital PS5 and the removable disc drive version of the PS5.

Although it was only released two years ago, Sony has updated the PS5 model that was recently spotted in Australia. The Insider Gaming report also states that 12 million of the 30 million units shipped will be "older PS5s." The new "PS5 will not change the look" and is only expected to be lighter than the first generation. Since the two models of PS5 are mixed together, potential PS5 buyers looking to get the freshest model need to be careful to distinguish between SKUs.

Sony PlayStation 5 is estimated to have sold 21.7 million units since its launch in November 2020.

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