Sony PS5 jailbreak successfully

The Sony PlayStation 5 game console has achieved a preliminary jailbreak, allowing players to install unsigned or unofficial games. News of the successful jailbreak comes from Lance McDonald, who made his name by releasing an unofficial patch that made Bloodborne run at 60 frames per second on PS4.

 Lance McDonald showed how to open the debug menu on PS5, and successfully installed the PS4's PKG file, that is, the game backup file. As you can see from the video, the PS5 successfully installed the horror game "PT" by Hideo Kojima, which has long been removed by Konami.

However, Lance McDonald said that the jailbreak relies on a Webkit vulnerability as an entry point, so it can only be tried on PS5s with firmware 4.03 and older (including the PS5 Digital Edition), and later firmware cannot currently be jailbroken because they are not vulnerable to Webkit.

Additionally, while the vulnerability provides read/write access, it does not provide execute access. This means that although unofficial games can be installed, they won't actually run.

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