Sony released two high-definition laser projectors

Sony officially released two compact WUXGA 3LCD laser projectors VPL-P630HZ and VPL-P530HZ, the new products will be available in November 2022. Both models support high brightness, with the VPL-P630HZ being 6400 lumens (center brightness 7000 lumens) and the VPL-P530HZ 5300 lumens (center brightness 5800 lumens). Sony said that both projectors are part of Sony's high-level projector lineup in terms of technology, quality, and design.

According to reports, the two projectors combine Sony's "Real Creation" real-time signal processing, mapping, and analysis technology, capable of high-quality presentation of clear and vivid images. In addition, both new models support 4K/60p signal input and are compatible with 4K video sources. The new "True Text" feature enhances readability and improves the presentation of textual materials by providing sharper letters and lines.

In terms of installation, Sony claims that the VPL-P630HZ and VPL-P530HZ are easy to install on the ceiling of conference rooms and classrooms, and the vertical lens shift can reach + 55%, which is the model with a wider shift range among fixed lens models.

In terms of smart settings, these two projectors can be optimized according to the usage environment, and the smart bright function allows users to accurately maintain the contrast and vividness of the picture colors even in a bright room. Smart Sensing automatically measures the brightness of the room with the built-in ambient light sensor and automatically calibrates the picture's brightness, color gain and "true creation" settings according to the situation.

At the same time, the new product also has an automatic light output function , which can use the ambient light sensor to automatically control the brightness of the projector at night to achieve the purpose of energy saving. Added auto-start function that automatically turns on the projector when video signal input is detected . In addition, thanks to the automatic signal switching function, when a video signal is detected, the projector will automatically switch to the corresponding signal source . Users can use a U disk to copy the relevant settings on one projector to all subsequent projectors to complete data copying.

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