Sony releases Youth's first Vlog camera ZV-1F

Sony released the "young people's first Vlog camera" ZV-1F, priced at 3499 yuan. This camera is equipped with Sony's 1-inch 20-megapixel stacked CMOS, equipped with an ultra-wide-angle fixed-focus 20mm F2.0 lens, supports human and animal eye focus and touch tracking and supports three-level "beauty skin". effect”, face priority auto exposure, one-key switching between background sharpness and blurring, and a new touch screen with touch zoom or step-by-step zoom function.

Officials say the new mobile app Imaging Edge Mobile Plus makes the connection and transfer between cameras and smartphones faster and freer. Combined with the innovative Shot Mark feature on the camera, the ideal Vlog footage can be quickly marked, and users can cut 15, 30, or 60 seconds of video and transfer it to a smartphone to save time exporting footage.

When shooting video, you can turn on the enhanced anti-shake mode to make the image more stable. You don’t need to worry about excessive screen shake, and you can get a stable image while walking. At the same time, ZV-1F adds S&Q mode, up to 5 times slow motion and 60 times fast motion, which can make video creative expression more convenient and fast, making the content more colorful.

The ZV-1F has been opened for pre-order on October 13, 2022. The suggested retail price of a single machine is 3,499 yuan. A Vlog package is also provided. BX1 battery, and an SF-64UY memory card, the suggested retail price of the set is 4,349 yuan.

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