Steam Deck is now available for direct purchase without pre-order

According to Steam official news, after sending today's batch of order emails, the official has processed all the orders in the reservation queue. The Steam Deck is now in stock and available for immediate purchase. Officially, it has been more than a year since Steam Deck made its first appearance. From day one, it has been dealing with an endless stream of supply chain issues and parts shortages. While the team worked to address these issues and try to meet demand, a reservation system was officially launched. This system allows customers to queue up to take a seat without having to bother refreshing the page or fighting for software.

Over the past year, the team has worked hard to resolve parts shortages and logistical issues. It is because of these efforts that we are now producing and shipping Steam Decks at an unprecedented rate. Although pre-orders are growing faster and faster, we have been able to exceed our shipment expectations and finally cleared the pre-order queue today.

Still, Steam Deck’s production, processing, and distribution capabilities are limited, officials said. If the volume of orders for a particular model of the Steam Deck exceeds our ability to ship in a timely manner, the expected delivery time will be extended, and at a certain point, we will fall back to pre-order mode until we can catch up with the order received. As before, customers will be given a spot in the queue and will be notified by email when they can place an order. Once we catch up with the growth in bookings and process all bookings that have been received, we will again allow direct orders.

In addition, the official dock is officially listed today and is now open for purchase. Featuring 3 USB-A 3.1 Gen1 ports, 1 USB-C charging port, DisplayPort, HDMI, and 1 Gigabit Ethernet port, the official dock connects the Steam Deck to a power source, up to two external monitors, and any number of other peripherals.

Steam Deck, the order processing and distribution capabilities of the official dock are also limited. If the order volume is extremely large, the official will switch to the reservation mode until the ordering speed is caught up.

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