Surface Duo is more compatible with Windows 11

Surface Duo is Microsoft's first Android smartphone, and the shape is very similar to the axed Surface Neo device. Microsoft had previously planned to launch Windows 10X dual-screen devices, but it was a pity that the project and its operating system were eventually canceled due to numerous problems.

The original Surface Duo can now run Windows 11 ARM using an unofficial crack installation and turn the device into a small dual-screen computer, but unfortunately, the Surface Duo doesn’t run Windows 11 perfectly yet.

Microsoft is preparing to upgrade its Android smartphones to Android 12L, with an update to be released in the coming weeks.

As the life cycle of Surface Duo is getting shorter and shorter, this model is now less than a quarter of the original price, and I believe many users will try to play it.

Windows Central also revealed something about the upcoming update. It is said that the Android 12L system of the first-generation Surface Duo and the second-generation Surface Duo will introduce some designs borrowed from Windows 11, such as the interaction design inspired by the Win11 Fluent design. You may see similar designs in the notification center, activity feed, etc.

Microsoft has previously adhered to Google's design guidelines, and the Surface system is more or less similar to existing Android. It now appears that the company wants to move away from that model and focus on making the Surface Duo smartphone "an extension of your Windows PC" or "your phone."

Of course, this idea requires a Windows 11-like design overhaul, including a Windows 11-like quick settings button, icons in settings, menus, and more. It is said that users can trigger Windows 11-like menus through the buttons on the Surface Slim Pen 2.

Another Windows 11-inspired feature is the well-known system accent color, which lets you choose a theme color for your wallpaper and apply it to different parts of the user interface.

Windows Central also claims that Microsoft is also working on a "Duo Connect" mode, the spiritual successor to the long-dead Continuum on Windows 10 Mobile.

According to reports, Duo Connect allows enterprise customers to connect their smartphones to larger displays and use them with Windows 365 services. It's unclear if Duo Connect will be part of Android 12L, or if it will appear in a future update.

At present, Android 12L will be available for the first and second-generation Surface Duo, and it is expected that it will push the update later this month or early November.

The Surface Duo can currently run Windows 11 (unofficial), and its newer sibling has done so with the help of the recently released UEFI.

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