TCL CSOT has made a key breakthrough in stretchable display technology

TCL Huaxing announced that its stretchable display technology has made a key breakthrough, and it has developed mature technology at this stage.

According to reports, when a patterned balloon is inflated, the pattern will become distorted or even deformed as the balloon is stretched. This problem is very common in life, however, the same problem can also affect flexible displays.

In order to overcome this problem, TCL Huaxing bridges the pixel circuit with a special hinge design, so that the entire display has considerable expansion and contraction performance under the action of external force, achieving a substrate stretching rate of more than 40%. This way, even if the image on the screen gets larger, its aspect ratio remains the same, keeping the image from being distorted.

The principle of expansion and deformation of the island-chain structure display

TCL CSOT optimized the pixel design by adopting Micro LED mass transfer technology to achieve a higher resolution of 141PPI, which basically covers the demand range of displays such as in-vehicle and medical.

LG, Samsung and other manufacturers have also launched stretch display technology. The former has launched the LG Rollable real machine. It is not clear how effective TCL Huaxing's stretch display technology will be. We can look forward to the follow-up listing. Performance.

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