TCL grid refrigerator Q10 released

With the improvement of living standards, more and more consumers are now pursuing "quality consumption". For example, in the choice of white goods, many consumers pay more attention to the quality and experience of the product and are more concerned about the use of this product in the future. In the process, you can improve your quality of life. At the TCL Refrigerator Q10 Autumn New Product Launch Conference held at 19:30 on October 10, a product that enables consumers to live a high-quality life in one step - TCL Grid Refrigerator Q10 was officially released.

TCL Gridwu Refrigerator Q10 is the largest true three-system refrigerator in the industry with a wide variable temperature area. It is equipped with 3 evaporators, has 3 independent refrigeration systems, has a large capacity of 555L, and is also equipped with TCL molecular preservation technology and GP+ Photoelectric ultra-clean technology, the sterilization rate reaches 99.999%.

It is understood that TCL molecular preservation technology broke through the technical barriers for the first time, realized the application of magnetic field in food preservation, and obtained the international leading-level certification issued by the China National Light Industry Federation. This technology deeply adjusts the molecular movement state of food ingredients through the biomagnetic field, so that cells are closely arranged to form a protective layer to prevent nutrient loss, while maintaining low-speed movement of cell molecules, reducing metabolic loss, and finally achieving a better freshness lock, and preservation ability.

In terms of pricing, the initial price of TCL's Q10 refrigerator is 8,999 yuan, and a consumer experience bonus of 1,000 yuan will be given away during the initial launch. It also supports free maintenance for the whole machine for 5 years and free maintenance for the compressor for 10 years.

In terms of design, the TCL Gridwu refrigerator Q10 adopts the design of the cross door, and the surface material is the slate panel of Qingmoyan, which has a high-quality texture and is low-key and versatile. The touch screen is located on the upper right side of the front and supports human body sensing, and automatically lights up when it is close to the screen.

In terms of installation method, TCL Grid Refrigerator Q10 supports the embedded installation. The thickness of the box is 58cm, which can be naturally integrated into the cabinet. A 2cm heat dissipation margin is reserved at the bottom, and it supports a 90° right-angle door.

In terms of core functions, TCL Gridwu Refrigerator Q10 adopts an independent three-system design with three independent evaporators, which can not only store more ingredients but also set different temperatures according to the storage requirements of different ingredients. Food is fresh.

Specifically, the upper left of the TCL Grid Refrigerator Q10 is a fixed freezer with a capacity of 160L, the upper right is a 185L fixed refrigerator, and the two lower compartments are variable greenhouses with a capacity of 210L and a total capacity of 555L. The temperature of the 2 compartments can be controlled independently. The temperature range is -18ºC~5ºC. The temperature zone and temperature can be selected according to the storage needs, such as -15ºC~18ºC freezing, -7ºC soft freezing, 0ºC fresh, 4ºC mother and baby, and free switching between refrigeration and freezing.

With the collocation of the independent three systems, you can choose freely. For example, you can set the free-change greenhouse below to "frozen", so that you can have a freezer with a capacity of 370L; you can also set the free-change greenhouse to "refrigerated", with the fixed refrigerator above, you can have a large refrigerator compartment of 395L. Of course, other combinations should be possible, such as two refrigerators and two freezers, to meet your different needs.

In terms of the core molecular preservation technology, according to official data, this technology can double the preservation period. Among them, spinach does not wilt for 7 days, and the weight loss rate is lower than 8%; in 7 days, the growth of beef microorganisms is 50% lower than that of ordinary refrigerators; In 15 days, the strawberries were not spoiled, and they were still bright red; in 10 days, the anthocyanin content of blueberries increased by 4%, which was 20% higher than that of ordinary refrigerators; in 3 days, the loss of salmon juice was less than 1%.

In addition, TCL grid refrigerator Q10 also supports GP + photoelectric ultra-clean technology, with the industry's highest sterilization rate. This technology combines aerospace-grade material graphene catalyst with a high-voltage electric field, and acts on UVC deep ultraviolet light, releasing a large number of highly active photoelectrons. Officials say that it has achieved a sterilization rate of 99.999%, and the virus removal rate in 2 hours is more than 99%. . GP + photoelectric ultra-clean technology can also achieve rapid deodorization in 10 minutes. Officials say that the deodorization rate can be as high as 99% within 10 minutes. Just like this, the TCL Grid Refrigerator Q10 has very powerful sterilization and deodorization capabilities. We don't need to worry about the problem of bacterial growth in the food in the refrigerator, and we don't have to worry about the "smell" of different foods being put together.

In other respects, TCL Gridwu refrigerator Q10 also adopts an integrated dual frequency conversion design, with multi-point temperature sensing radar inside the refrigerator, intelligent monitoring of temperature changes, support for intelligent constant temperature freshness, and -32ºC deep-freezing and quick-freezing functions. In terms of interaction, TCL grid refrigerator Q10 supports WiFi intelligent control, supports intelligent human sense, door opening prompt and alarm.

In terms of price, the initial price of TCL grid refrigerator Q10 is 8999 yuan, and another 1000 yuan consumer experience bonus will be given during the initial launch. It also supports free maintenance for the whole machine for 5 years and free maintenance for the compressor for 10 years.

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