TCL Huaxing launches a new folding screen capacitive active pen

TCL Huaxing announced today that it has created a new folding screen capacitive active pen, whose writing effect has been significantly improved compared with traditional products. At present, the popular flexible OLEDs on the market usually use DOT Sensors similar to On-cell to realize touch function. On this basis, integrating and developing the active pen function can not only effectively save the development cost, but also improve the active pen function. Pen writing linearity and precision.

Compared with the traditional external touch solution, the RC (impedance and parasitic capacitance) load is larger and the coupling noise is larger. Through Sensor Pattern and process optimization, the RC load is reduced, and the driving voltage and frequency of the active pen are adjusted to optimize the signal-to-noise ratio so that the active pen Pen writing is more linear and precise. In the module process part, there is no need to add other film layers to realize the active pen function, which has little effect on the stacking and bending characteristics of the folding screen.

In order to improve the accuracy and linearity of the product, TCL Huaxing capacitive active pen has optimized the product through the unique Sensor Pattern, especially in the linearity of the slash, the effect has been improved by more than 30%. In the active pen based on the USI&WGP protocol In effect-related tests, the data are all better than Wacom Level-1 specification requirements.

At the same time, the pen reporting rate of this product reaches 266Hz, and the peak value can reach 360Hz according to different protocols, the accuracy, linearity, and jitter of the pen can reach 0.3mm for all specifications, and the height restores the trajectory of the pen tip; the suspension height of the pen can reach 8mm. There is no delay or disconnection in the stroke of the pen, and the writing is smooth and smooth.

Based on the excellent pen tip adaptation characteristics of the surface material of the flexible OLED screen, the TCL Huaxing capacitive active pen has both electrical conductivity and suitable damping, excellent friction strength and wear resistance, and the life of the pen tip for writing experience can reach more than 5000 meters. The screen is resistant to rubbing times of the pen tip > 10,000 times, which meets the user's demand for writing performance and durability.

In terms of the production process, TCL CSOT continuously optimizes, develops, and implements the active pen function based on the existing touch DOT Sensor. While meeting the user's demand for high-performance touch control, there is no need to change the existing process and process flow, which greatly saves the process production cost caused by technical optimization.

There are not many folding screen mobile phones that support stylus in China, and a few devices include Huawei Mate Xs 2 and so on. Samsung abroad supports the S Pen on the Galaxy Z Fold 3/4. TCL Huaxing's technology may allow more folding screen mobile phones to use stylus, we can look forward to it.

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