Tencent was exposed to temporarily suspend the acquisition of Black Shark

According to the Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily, Black Shark is significantly reducing the number of jobs recently, and the proportion of layoffs is nearly 50%. Among them, the VR project is the hardest hit area for abolition. People familiar with the matter said that Tencent’s acquisition of Black Shark was stranded, or a major reason for Black Shark’s layoffs.

A person familiar with the matter revealed that Tencent’s acquisition plan for Black Shark Technology was “not smooth” and has been temporarily suspended. It had previously considered cooperating with Black Shark Technology in the form of investment. In response, Black Shark CEO Luo Yuzhou responded that he had no comment.

Black Shark Technology was established in 2017 and was funded by Xiaomi. It has launched several gaming phones, including the Tencent Black Shark gaming phone 3 series jointly launched by Tencent Games and Black Shark in 2020.

The news that Tencent is preparing to acquire Black Shark Technology for 2.7 billion yuan was exposed in January this year. In January this year, 36 Krypton learned from multiple independent sources that Tencent plans to acquire Black Shark Technology, a gaming mobile phone company. After the acquisition, Black Shark will be integrated into the Tencent Group Platform and Content Group (PCG). After the transaction is completed, Black Shark's future business focus will shift from gaming mobile phones to VR devices as a whole - Tencent provides content, and Black Shark provides VR hardware entry.

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