Tesla has suspended battery production at the German factory

Tesla has delayed plans to produce batteries at its German factory due to technical problems. Tesla is delaying battery production at its German factory not because of U.S. tax incentives or energy costs, but because of a critical, highly complex production technology that has experienced major delays.

Initially, Tesla planned to conduct full battery production at its Gruenheide plant in Germany. But today, the factory is only focusing on electrode research, and the equipment for producing other components will be transferred to the Texas factory in the United States.

That doesn't mean Tesla will give up battery production at its German factory, the people said. Instead, in the long term, Tesla will remain committed to producing batteries at its German factory.

In fact, Tesla also said last month that it will continue its battery production plant in Germany, but because of the tax incentives in the United States, Tesla is currently prioritizing battery production in the United States.

According to previous reports, Tesla plans to produce a new, better-performing battery, the 4680, at its German battery factory, with five times the energy density and six times the power of the existing model, taking up less space and consuming less energy.

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