Tesla launches new home wall-mounted chargers compatible with other brands of electric cars

Tesla has launched a new version of the home J1772 "Wall Connector" wall-mounted charging pile on its overseas official website, priced at $550 (about 3955 yuan), as the charging of all-electric vehicles. Solutions, including Tesla and non-Tesla electric vehicles.

Tesla said that the new wall-mounted charging pile is ideal for houses, apartments, hotel properties, and workplaces, adding 44 miles (about 70.81 kilometers) of battery life for one hour of charging, and the standard cable It is 24 feet long and has multiple power settings for indoor and outdoor use.

Tesla says the new wall-mounted chargers allow for power sharing, maximizing existing power capacity, automatically distributing power, and charging multiple cars at the same time. The new wall-mounted chargers are compatible with most North American electric vehicles, but charging Tesla vehicles requires an additional SAE J1772 charging adapter, which is included with all Tesla vehicle deliveries.

Tesla is planning to open Supercharger stations to all-electric vehicles in the United States, enabling non-Tesla electric vehicle owners in North America to use Tesla Supercharger stations.

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