The 9,000-ton die-casting machine required for the production of Tesla's electric pickup truck Cybertruck

In May this year, the Indra Group, which supplied multiple 6,000-ton die-casting machines for Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory, Berlin Gigafactory, and Texas Gigafactory, was on social media. A video of the assembly of a 9,000-ton die-casting machine was shared on the media, and Tesla CEO also used the Cybertruck body, suggesting that it will be used to produce parts for the electric pickup Cybertruck. The 9,000-ton die-casting machine built by Idra Group for Tesla has completed construction and testing and has been shipped to Houston, Texas.

A 9,000-ton die-casting machine built by Idra Group for Tesla left Italy in September and arrived in Houston on September 28.

The 9,000-ton die-casting machine of Idra Group arrived in Houston on the 28th of last month, which means that it arrived in Houston by sea, and Austin, where Tesla’s Texas super factory is located, is not a port city, and there is still a distance from Houston. Distance, after arriving at the Port of Houston, it will be shipped to Austin by land transportation. Sources also revealed on social media that it will soon arrive at the Texas Gigafactory.

This 9,000-ton die-casting machine produced by Idra Group, with a total weight of 77,526 kg, or 77.5 tons, is composed of 54 main components. It is the first time they have received a 9,000-ton die-casting machine for the production of pickup trucks and SUVs orders.

After arriving at the Texas Gigafactory in Austin, this 9,000-ton die-casting machine still needs to be assembled in the factory and will be used for the manufacture of the electric pickup Cybertruck body after passing the test.

Cybertruck is an electric pickup truck launched by Tesla on November 22, 2019. It has attracted attention for its domineering, unique shape, and excellent performance. Many consumers have made reservations. Less than a week after the opening of reservations, the number of reservations has increased. More than 250,000 vehicles, and tracking data for May last year showed more than 1 million pre-orders.

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