The new patented rear sensor of Meizu mobile phone can be rotated to switch multiple lenses

Zhuhai Meizu Technology Co., Ltd. recently disclosed a utility model patent for a camera device and mobile terminal ", showing the possible design direction of the new mobile phone. The patent specification states that at present, most mobile terminals have the function of taking pictures and cameras, and use multiple cameras to meet different camera functions. Each camera includes a camera module and a corresponding photosensitive module, that is, multiple cameras are realized by independent camera modules and photosensitive modules. In the limited space of the mobile terminal, the number of cameras is limited, and the number of cameras is limited. The camera function and the cost is higher.

The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is to overcome the deficiencies of the prior art and provide a camera device and a mobile terminal. The utility model relates to a camera device and a mobile terminal. The camera device includes:

  • A lens assembly, including at least two lens modules
  • a photosensitive assembly, including a photosensitive frame and a photosensitive module set on the photosensitive frame, the photosensitive module is located on the light-emitting side of the lens module;
  • A driving mechanism, connected with the photosensitive frame, is used to drive the photosensitive frame to move relative to the lens module so that the photosensitive module can selectively connect to any one of at least two lens modules. The lens module corresponds.

In the utility model, at least two lens modules are fixed, and the photosensitive module moves relative to the lens module and switches to corresponding to any one of the lens modules, so as to realize different camera functions.

That is to say, Meizu's new patent allows the rear lens sensor part of the mobile phone to rotate and independently choose which lens corresponds to, similar to the camera replacing different lenses. It is not clear whether it will be installed, but it is really creative.

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